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Create Your GPT in Minutes

Every time you use ChatGPT, you enter a prompt, which is a request for what you would like it to do. At a basic level, prompting is straightforward, provided you have the mindset to think about the task at hand. However, this means that each time you need to create a new prompt to get ChatGPT to work for you.

There is an easier solution, and that is to make custom GPTs. These remember prompts and related actions, allowing you to complete tasks with ChatGPT without having to remember the details yourself.

Creating a custom GPT can be done by anybody, and no special coding skills are required. Here's an example: Let's suppose I want a selection of thumbnail pictures that I can use for a blog post or article.

I would like these to be related to the article and draw the reader to the content. If I was only doing this once, then I would just use the normal prompt box in ChatGPT. But if it is a task that I am doing on a regular basis, then it would be helpful to have a custom GPT.

The first thing you do is click on "Explore GPTs" on the left-hand side:

Then in the top right , you will see a button labeled "Create.":

Click on this, and it opens a window. Complete this with the task you would like the GPT to help you with. Here, you can see my instructions for the thumbnails that I wish to create. On the right-hand side, you can test the action of the GPT and make any necessary changes:

Once you are happy, you can save the GPT either for your own use or for those who have the link. Alternatively, you can open it entirely and put it in the store. And that's about it.

This is the first step to creating GPTs, and the more you try them, the more creative you become. Good luck!

P.S. I posted this blog into my custom GPT and this is what it came up with:


Thank you for sharing the details of your blog! Based on the summary, it's clear the blog discusses the concept of using ChatGPT for various tasks, focusing on the ease of creating custom GPTs to streamline and personalize the interaction process. The key themes include the simplicity of prompt creation, the advantage of custom GPTs for recurring tasks, and the accessibility of GPT technology to users without coding skills. Let's create four distinct thumbnails to encapsulate these themes:

  1. Painting Thumbnail: A vibrant, impressionistic painting of a person sitting at a desk, surrounded by floating, colorful thought bubbles. Each bubble contains symbols or icons representing different tasks (like a camera for photography, a pen for writing, etc.), with a larger bubble showing a simplified, friendly GPT interface. This image will symbolize the creativity and variety of tasks that custom GPTs can assist with.

  2. Photo Thumbnail: A high-quality, realistic photo of a diverse group of people gathered around a computer screen, visibly engaged and excited. The screen shows a simplified, user-friendly GPT interface, hinting at the collaborative and accessible nature of custom GPTs. This photo will convey the idea of inclusivity and the broad appeal of GPT technology.

  3. Sketch Thumbnail: A detailed, black and white sketch showing a close-up of hands typing on a laptop, with abstract lines and shapes emanating from the screen to represent the digital workflow and the seamless interaction with GPT. This sketch will focus on the personal interaction between the user and the technology, highlighting the ease of creating custom prompts.

  4. Abstract Thumbnail: An abstract design featuring geometric shapes and lines converging towards a central point that represents a digital brain or AI concept. The use of bright, contrasting colors against a dark background will create a sense of innovation and the futuristic potential of custom GPTs. This thumbnail will emphasize the advanced technology and creative potential behind GPTs.

I'll begin with the painting thumbnail. Please hold on while I create the image.

Here's the impressionistic painting thumbnail that captures the creative and versatile use of custom GPTs. It visually represents a person engaging with a variety of tasks through thought bubbles, with a focus on the GPT interface.

Next, I'll create the photo thumbnail. This will be a realistic depiction of people around a computer, highlighting the collaborative and accessible nature of GPT technology. Please hold on

The photo thumbnail is ready, showcasing a group of people engaging with GPT technology, reflecting the theme of collaboration and accessibility.

Moving on, I'll work on the sketch thumbnail that will focus on the personal interaction between the user and the technology, emphasizing the ease of creating custom prompts. Please hold on.

The sketch thumbnail is complete, highlighting the intimate interaction between the user and GPT technology through the act of typing and the flow of ideas.

Finally, I'll create the abstract thumbnail focusing on the futuristic potential of custom GPTs with an emphasis on innovation and creativity. Please hold on.

The abstract thumbnail is ready, capturing the essence of innovation and the futuristic potential of custom GPTs through dynamic shapes and vibrant colors.

You now have four distinct thumbnails to choose from for your blog:

  1. The impressionistic painting thumbnail, emphasizing creativity and task diversity.

  2. The photo thumbnail, showcasing collaboration and accessibility.

  3. The sketch thumbnail, highlighting personal interaction and the ease of use.

  4. The abstract thumbnail, representing the innovative and futuristic potential of GPTs.

Each thumbnail has been designed to draw the reader in and accurately reflect the content and themes of your blog. Please review them and select the one that best suits your needs.

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