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What People Say

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You know how important reputation is to the success of your business.

You take reputation seriously and so do I. I know that doing the job properly leads to customers returning.

How do I guarantee this? It is simple, just three words: thorough preparation beforehand.

You can read recent comments below. I hope you will appreciate that individuals cannot be named. However if you would like to ask someone about recent work, I can give you a selection of industry references.

It's a small world and I may have worked at you firm already.

Excellent. Well prepared, lots of relevant case studies. An excellently researched, prepared and presented workshop...this should be repeated regularly.

Head of Specialist Finance, UK Financial Institution

Well paced and very focused. Seemed to understand what was required from the course.

Associate, European Regulator

Excellent understanding of subject matter and very good at getting the group entirely involved.

Senior Dealer, UK Financial Institution

Course was very relevant, a very good use of 2 days.

Senior Dealer, Building Society

For me, the worth of this workshop was to discuss the issues and experiences elsewhere, which can be difficult to do in other seminars.

Chief Accountant, Central Bank

Clear, concise and pitched at the right level for the experience of the participants.

Manager Asset Finance, European Leasing Company

Excellent format and training methods. Provides an excellent point of reference for the future.

Dealer, European Bank

Made you actually think, rather than just sit there.

Analyst, UK Bank

Very knowledgeable, kept discussions interesting, good use of experience and real examples.

Operations Controller, UK Bank

The Trainer was excellent and presented and explained topics very clearly.

Regulatory Reporting Manager, European Bank

William was very approachable and was good to answer any questions that arose.

Derivatives Team Leader, European Bank

Illustrated the points very well with good examples.

Financial Accountant, European Bank

William was a very good instructor giving a good overview of the credit derivative products and also incorporating these into his discussions on case studies.

IT Manger, European Bank

The Course covered all aspects of Credit Derivatives which I wanted to examine.

Internal Auditor, European Bank

Very clear overview of the main aspects of credit derivative markets.

Head of Internal Audit, European Bank

No trader speak from an ex trader-wonderful.

Internal Auditor, European Bank

To the point, speaks so you can understand him no matter the complexity of topics, customer orientated.

Dealer, European corporate

Very informative. Took Time to explain things fully.

Financial Manager, Mutual institution

Very clear, concise and gave a good understanding of each of the products involved.

Product Accountant, European Bank

Very well organised and structured. Helped to provide a greater insight into the functioning of Treasury.

Derivatives Accountant, European Bank

Extremely knowledgeable and well prepared for the course.

Accountant, European Bank

A very good and informative workshop.

Manager, European Leasing Company

Very helpful approach from someone that has traded.

Finance Manager, UK Bank

Overall an excellent course that exceeded expectations.

Senior Systems Developer, UK Building Society

Excellent knowledge and teaching skills.

Senior Systems Developer, UK Building Society

William gave a thorough explanation of all the issues covered.

IT Developer, UK Building Society

William is very knowledgeable on the subject matter and presented the topics in such a way that was understandable to all.

Manager, European Bank

Good balance between theory and practical examples very good presentation skills.

Risk Manager, European Bank

Very logical and easy to follow. Course materials are good and easy to understand.

Accountant. Central Bank

Thank you very much- this course has greatly enhanced my understanding of treasury products.

Commercial Lending Manager , European Bank

Very good to have a trainer with practical experience who was willing to share his personal and professional insights. I will be recommending the course to other members of staff.

Auditor, UK Financial Institution

Very good presentation and good in depth knowledge.

Manager, European Bank

We covered what we requested in the proper amount of time. I found this workshop very worthwhile and most beneficial.

Corporate Treasury Manager, European Bank

Comprehensive course which was well presented in a manner that the lay person could understand.

Commercial Manager, European Bank

Clear, concise, explains structures well. Excellent case studies.

Executive, European Bank

Very clear and good at answering questions raised.

Manager, European Bank

The workshop highlighted all issues which are relevant to operations. They brought the issues to the front of the mind-meaning reinforced focus.

Operations Manager, UK Bank

Course was made very practical and relevant to salespeople. The trainer was very knowledgeable and well informed. Excellent course a day well spent.

Principal Dealer, European Bank

Very clear, interesting, focused, good at explaining the topics and very good examples.

Manager Derivatives & Securities, European Bank

Found the course very beneficial and ( I ) have the book as a point of reference. Knows his topic inside out.

Dealer, European Bank

Knowledge in this area is very evident makes it look and sound easy. Enjoyable and very useful.

Principal Dealer, European Bank

The case studies were really good. I enjoyed the course and have a better understanding of the subject.

Manager Retail Dealing, European Bank

I feel we covered a lot of material in good detail. Very useful information.

Para Legal, European Bank

Clearly knows the topic and was very good in checking whether understanding was there.

Associate, European Regulator

Put things across in an easy way to absorb and at a good pace. In depth knowledge on the subject.

Associate, European Regulator

Overall a well structured course. Good, relevant material, good use of examples. I have come away knowing a lot more.

Treasury Finance Manager, UK Financial Institution

Overall a very good course to be recommended to everyone in Treasury and to others whose decisions affect treasury.

Senior Dealer, Building Society

Excellent. Very clear explanation of the topics, involved throughout.

Capital Markets Analyst, European Financial Institution

One of the most informative courses I have been on. More than just the theory you get in textbooks. The best course I have been on so far making everything real. Too often courses are too theoretical.

Associate, UK Financial Institution

The case studies were incredibly useful and this made it very tangible and practical.

Associate, UK Financial Institution

Excellent-very Worthwhile. Thank you! Well thought out content and presented in a professional manner.

Solicitor, European Financial Institution

William knows his stuff. He is approachable so it is easy to ask questions.

Internal Auditor, UK Financial Institution