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elearning > Segregation of duties

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Learn about the following:

What segregation of duties is about. Who is responsible for segregation. How it affects what you are permitted to do. How it affects information reporting. When segregation goes wrong.

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Course Summary

Segregation menuSegregation what it isSegregation regulation

Segregation whySegregation when it goes wrongSegregation when it goes wrong 2

  • 30 minutes
  • 7 question multiple choice test
  • What segregation of duties is about
  • Who is responsible for segregation
  • How it affects what you are permitted to do
  • How it affects information reporting
  • When segregation goes wrong

Segregation of Duties - the details

1. What is segregation of duties?

  • Definition
  • Examples, what it means in practice
  • FSA SYSC 5.1.6/7
  • Who is responsible
  • What you should do if segregation is failing

2. Objective and accurate information

  • Why this is an issue for segregation
  • FSA SYSC 5.1.8, example
  • Risk reporting
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • FSA SYSC 13.7.7
  • Computer security

3. When segregation goes wrong

  • Natwest Capital Markets
  • What the dealers did
  • How controls were circumvented
  • Loss £90.5m
  • The penalties
  • What went wrong

4. Summary

5. Test