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Treasury Operations

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Focus on Treasury Operations, (One Day)

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The Treasury operations area is responsible for processing, confirming, settling and reconciling the transactions completed in the front-office. A successful Treasury operations team is therefore an essential part of any Treasury business. Whilst not a profit centre, mistakes or errors in operations can potentially be very expensive and damaging for the firm. This one day workshop is designed for staff working in the operations area and addresses the key aspects of their work:

  • Why successful operations teams are essential to the front-office
  • The importance of accuracy & quality control
  • Segregation of duties; what we mean, why we need it
  • Ownership of responsibility & accountability
  • Mitigating risk; why well managed processes reduce errors & costs

Training will be in a workshop format. This will include a mixture of presentation and case study material. The course is designed for up to ten staff.

Below is a summary of the workshop. The content has been placed in a logical sequence and addresses these issues in a practical & relevant way.


Understanding how operations are essential to the front office

  • Trade lifecycle
  • Trade capture
  • Automation
  • Core processes and effect on business


  • Importance
  • Manual & automated errors
  • How errors affect trades
  • How errors affect core processes & corrupt data
  • Operational impact on risk reporting & P&L
  • Trade capture
  • Relationship with the front office


  • Information that is added to trades
  • How it is added
  • Static data
  • How errors can occur & their impact
  • What happens when it goes wrong


  • Importance as a final check
  • How it is done
  • What happens if you do not validate


  • Definition & Examples
  • Importance
  • Regulatory view
  • Bank's view
  • When things go wrong


Trade agreement & confirmations

  • Why trades are confirmed
  • How trades can be confirmed
  • Problems with confirmations

Responsibility & accountability

  • Why this is important to management
  • Problems associated with product "silos"
  • Appropriate questioning/challenge process
  • Escalation processes
  • Settlement instructions
  • Investigations
  • Trade failures
  • Updating records

Control & performance

  • How operations departments are monitored & measured
  • Business impact
  • Key performance Indicators
  • Funding
  • Reconciliations

Mitigating risk: consequences of weak processes

  • Collateral management case study
  • Overview of purpose in reducing credit exposure
  • Operational errors & problems
  • Why accuracy is important
  • How we can reduce errors & costs
  • Mitigating operational errors
  • The dispute resolution process

End of workshop & review

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