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Questions and answers.

Q. How frequently do the workshops run?
A. All the workshops are in-house. That means they are carried out at a time and place that is convenient to you.

Q. How many people can attend?
A. A workshop is normally suitable for between 5 and 10 people.

Q. Is it possible to have training tailored to our needs?
A. Yes. Most workshops are like this. You will get an individual proposal for the training you want to undertake.

Q. How does the process work?
A. Please Contact me. We will discuss what you are looking for. If you agree I will send you a proposal. You can then decide whether you would like to proceed.

Q. Can we put our own transactions and methodologies in a course?
A. Yes. This is a very good way of explaining your business.

Q. Do you sign non disclosure agreements?
A. Yes. They cover all confidential information.

Q. Can you supply industry references?
A. Yes. Please Contact me.

Q. How big is your company and how many people do the training?
A. Barbican Consulting is a small business. William Webster does all the training work. There are no sales staff and no third party contracting.

Q. Can I find out more?
A. Yes. William has over 20 years industry experience. Find out more.

Q. How much notice do you need to run a course for us?
A. This depends. But in general 4 to 6 weeks is sufficient.

Q. If you cannot cover what we need will you tell us?
A. Absolutely. It is in my interest to do so.

Q. Do you do any consultancy work?
A. Yes, provided your needs and my expertise match.

If you have a question that is not answered here then please contact me.