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Short courses>Equities

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Equities - 2.5 hours

A foundation course that explains equity markets. This includes the risks and returns for equity holders, methods of valuation, indices and the styles of investment management.

It is suitable for those working in or around financial markets who need to know more.

There are simple examples with time for questions and answers.

This course is only available in-house and is suitable for up to 12 people.

This is what is covered:

  • What a share is
  • Classes of stock
  • Importance of dividends
  • The debt – equity ratio
  • The stock market
  • Statutory reporting – information to shareholders
  • Styles of investing
  • Valuing shares – comparisons and ratios
  • Price/earnings
  • Dividend yield
  • Return on capital
  • Price/earnings/growth
  • Net asset value and enterprise value
  • Stock indices
  • Active versus passive management
  • Alpha and beta
  • The risk to the shareholder
  • Dividends and capital appreciation

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