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elearning > All about treasury

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Learn about the following:

What a treasury does. How a treasury is organised. The main jobs. Delegation and segregation. Departments that support treasury. The risks in treasury.

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Course Summary

All about treasury menuAll about treasury structureAll about treasury committees


All about treasury segregationAll about treasury riskAll about treasury summary

  • 45 minutes
  • 8 question multiple choice test
  • What a treasury does
  • How a treasury is organised
  • The main jobs
  • Delegation and segregation
  • Departments that support treasury
  • Risks in treasury

All About Treasury - the details

1. What a treasury does

  • Why firms have treasuries, the 5 reasons
  • How it all fits together
  • Loans and deposits, interbank, hedging, liquidity, customers, limits 

2. How a treasury is organised

  • The delegation process
  • The board, ALCO, treasury, dealers, sales
  • The supporting departments
  • Treasury administration, risk management, IT, legal, compliance
  • Segregation and examples 

3. The main risks

  • Credit: cash, derivatives, credit committee, credit lines, monitoring
  • Liquidity (meeting obligations): funding gaps, cost of term money, measurement
  • Liquidity (buying and selling): bid – offer spreads, liquid assets
  • Market risk: What it is and example, market risk limits
  • Settlement risk: What it is, mitigation
  • Operational risk: Definition, mitigation 

4. Summary

5. Test

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